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This course aims to analyze linear time invariant electronic circuits
Course objectives: 1. To provide an insight into the concepts of Power Electronics and Electronic instruments. 2. To study the applications of Power electronics such as Switched-mode regulators and inverters. 3. To develop an understanding of the concept of Transducers and Digital instruments. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expected outcome: The students will be able: 1. To understand the concepts of Power Electronics and the various applications. 2. To get an insight into various electronic instruments, their configuration and measurements using them. 3. To understand the principle of operation of Transducers

Applied Electromagnetic Theory presents to communication engineers the fundamental working principles of wireless communication systems through an application-oriented approach to electrostatics, magnetostatics, induction, Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic wave propagation, transmission lines, and antennas.

This page is for the Electrical Engineering Part of EST 130, Basics of Electric and Electronics Engineering, APJAKTU

This is a course on Professional Communication for 2nd Semester Engineering Degree Course of APJAKTU, Kerala State

KTU (2015 syllabus)

Electronics and Communication Engineering Sixth semester course

A course on EC 468 Secure Communication